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My dad was a pastor and I credit him with being the one that introduced me to music. His study was in our basement and we frequently heard loud, thumping basslines coming up from the depths. Chet Atkins and Phantom of the Opera soundtrack were two albums I remember specifically, but his taste varied, but held onto that 60's feel for the most part. 

I grew in my music tastes when I went away to college and was introduced to U2, Annie Lennox, and The Police. After that, it was a musical free-for-all as I discovered more and more genres. I spent hours creating playlists on my iPod, on CDs and on tapes. Now that music apps are so readily available, my playlist library has migrated yet again. My dad used to say making playlists was my spiritual gift and I embrace that idea. Here are a few playlists for you to enjoy. I've kept them family friendly and hope you enjoy! 

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