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5 of My Favorite Resources for Bible Study

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Bible With Notes

Have you wanted to study your Bible but were either too intimidated or too overwhelmed to know where to begin? Sadly, I think this is true for many believers! And we're not just intimidated by the Bible, we are also intimidated by the people who make the Bible sound like it's reserved for only the super intellectual or the pastors/leaders. While there are leaders and pastors who are great Bible teachers who we can take great insight and learning from, I truly believe we, as believers, need to be familiar with God's Word if we are wanting to be firm in our faith, answer questions others may have and learn more about God in order that we may better serve Him and grow deeper in our relationship with Him. If I could encourage people in ONE area in life, it would be to read the Bible through, study the Bible for yourself and familiarize yourself with what the Bible actually says (as opposed to always relying on others to interpret or filter it for you. This can be dangerous, as people can twist, subvert and manipulate the Bible easily.) The Word of God is living and active, and what better way to spend our time than digging in deep to its truths? This week, I'm sharing 5 of my favorite resources for Bible study in the hopes it will encourage you:

She Reads Truth Gray Bible Hardback

She Reads Truth Bible: I've designated this Bible as my write-in Bible that I (for the most part) keep at home. I write in it because 1. by nature, if you take notes next to the verse being discussed, it keeps your notes organized and 2. I have a bad memory for facts and details, so writing notes as I listen or study helps me remember! I keep sermon notes, study notes and highlights in this copy and use another one that is a bit easier to carry if I take my Bible with me. In other words, this cloth covered hardback version is not the easiest to carry. While the pages are thin, they can be written on and if you use the correct pens, will not leak through too much. The intro notes on each book are helpful and well done, and there are multiple reading plans throughout the Bible. The Bible is in the CSB version, which is the Christian Standard Bible version - I like it, although I typically use the ESV. I recommend this version (get a later edition, not an early one as they used to print the font in a dark gray, which was hard to read. If you get a later-year published one, the font is darker.) They also have a He Reads Truth Bible, with the difference being in the devotionals and the verse page at the beginning of each book.

Bible Knowledge Commentary

The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old and New Testament: These two volumes were edited by John Walvoord and Roy Zuck with material written by Dallas Seminary faculty. I'll reach for this commentary more than any other one I've used. Highly recommend. (You may hear someone refer to these as beginner's commentaries, that just means that other commentary series may have an individual book for each book of the Bible, therefore they can go deeper into theology and background info, so it's not that the beginning ones aren't "good," it's just that they won't go as deep into little issues.)

Unger's Bible Dictionary

The New Unger's Bible Dictionary: I go between the Unger's and the Vine's Dictionary - both are great resources to define terms, names, locations you'll find when doing your Bible reading. Keep it close by to help your study.

Cultural Background Study Bible

The Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: This Bible's notes are helpful in that they explain cultural background (hence the title, amiright? ha) and how that will help explain the passage more fully. Helpful notes on the bottom of each page, helpful diagrams and info throughout. A helpful guide if you want to understand a bit more about the cultural context of the verses you're reading.

Living By the Bible

Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible by Howard and William Hendricks. A helpful guide to knowing how to study the Bible and how to read it. Howard Hendricks was a great professor and excellent at teaching people how to study the Bible - this book is an updated version that encourages all believers to study the Word and is the best book I've found to explain the concepts of Bible study.


Additional Resources:

Handbook on the Pentateuch

Handbook on the Pentateuch: I know, I know, this book doesn't sound exciting, but it was so helpful in me coming to a better understanding of the first five books of the Bible. The writing is maybe a bit more academic, BUT is also accessible, if that makes sense. I highly recommend it.

Okay, if you don't find pens and paper INTERESTING, skip this part. But IF you're someone who likes taking notes right in your Bible, here are the pens and highlighters I prefer (yes, I know this is over-the-top, but again, pens and paper are one of my interests):

Zebra Mildliner These highlighters are lighter in color, and not so heavy that they will bleed through. Recommend for school, textbooks, books, or Bibles!

Muji These come in a pack of 3 for a little under $5, which I think is a great deal. They are fine point, and don't leak through the pages. It will indent and is slightly visible, but not leaking through. Pictures below to try to give some reference. (Again, I'm using the She Reads Truth Bible as an example, of course it will depend on the Bible you are using!)

Muji .5 pen on Bible page
Muji .5 pen on Bible page

Reverse side of Bible page showing Muji .5 pen indent
Reverse side of page showing Muji .5 pen indent

Mr Pen -Specifically made to be able to write on thin Bible paper, these pens are great, work well, and also add some color to your notes. Recommend!


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