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A Moment

kelly clarkson singing away: some people wait a liiiiifetime for a moment like thissss a different kelli, as in, me with messy hair, headache, sleepily waiting in line for coffee: we are apparently having very different kelly(i) moments.

then i laugh at my comparable moment to kelly’s & think, meh, here’s to the moments. the painful, hard, unmotivated, lonely moments. the cute, silly, fun, surprise moments. the eating the leftovers, headachy, hard conversation, “i don’t think i can” moments. because God remains faithful in them all, i, too, want (pray!) to be faithful. because He is there WITH me, i want to be aware, learn, grow, listen. because God is/was/always will be steadfastly faithful, i know all the moments count, even those in a chilly, headachy, morning coffee line.


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