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Before the Throne...(or Under the Balcony)

{Sunday Encouragement}

I read a sweet article about the Queen’s Sovereign Piper whose role include playing bagpipes 15 minutes every morning under her balcony (and I thought I had it bad when my toddler would stand 15 inches from my face every morning yelling: “sun’s up, mommy, sun’s up”). While he worked for her, his wife became terminally ill, and the article was summing up the fact that the Queen was kind, helped him, had staff watch his children, allowed him to be with his wife and stated it was okay if he couldn’t show up some mornings (maybe a blessed relief for her?). While the article was lauding -with a hint of surprise- the fact that she would respond in kindness, there was a part of me that thought, “well, of course she would, she’s human - a seemingly gracious one, at that!” But, of course, I was touched as I realized the hugeness of her gift as well! How excited I’d be to know the Queen was thinking of “little me!” As you and I enter a new week, full of new situations, needs, and surprises, let’s remember the honor that is allowed us. May we keep at the forefront of our minds that we’re the subject of a King who lets us come before Him needing mercy, help, kindness, grace and He responds in kind. I (ME!) am allowed the privilege of coming before the throne, not just of A king, but THE KING. What a reality!


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